Hostel Anne Yokozuna in Tokyo, Japan

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Visiting somewhere new can be thrilling and exciting, even more so if your visit doesn’t break your bank! That could mean nixing new restaurant experiences, or not buying all those cute clothes or souvenirs OR still doing all of those things and choosing to stay in hostel for your accommodation.

I have stayed in a handful of hostels around the world including Australia and Asia, and have always had a good experience but one of my favorites is Hostel Anne Yokozuna in Tokyo, Japan.

I kid you not it was so clean, I could’ve eaten dinner off the bathroom floor (gross I know but you won’t disagree with me after you see this place.) Largely in thanks to the hostel rule of “shoe off at the door” making it feel more like home. The bedrooms are spacious and each bed has a privacy curtain and a wall plug, as well as a locker to store your things. The kitchen has traditional asian tables and the hostel has a large common room for hanging out with all the new friends you’ve made from all over the world.

The perks of this hostel include a short 2 minute walk to a train station and also a short stroll to the sumo wrestling arena, which is one of the big sports Japan is known for! If you get the opportunity to see a match I would recommend booking a tour, it will include your ticket to the match and a guide who speaks english to let you know what is going on during the match. I booked through


My favorite memory from this trip was sitting around the table in the common room with friends from the USA, The UK, France, Australia and the Netherlands laughing, sharing stories and eating Japanese candy we had grabbed from the corner store. We all had to go our separate ways in the morning, but that evening was such a great unique experience that I would have missed out on had I not stayed in a hostel.

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