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How to Find Accommodation:

Choosing accommodation for your trip is half that battle- so many websites and reviews and photos and what are the chances it actually looks like what people say it does and is CLEAN?!

I’d love to help you cut out some time planning your travels by recommending my favorites, that I have personally stayed in!

My top websites to look for accommodation in a new place are: anything from private homes and apartments to sharing space with your local host. You can also check out the map on this to see if it’s located near the places you wanna see on your trip. Use this link for $40 off your first stay! this is great for an overview of the place you’re staying, reviews and tour suggestions. I don’t think every hotel is listed on this site, but you can find some great deals.

3.Facebook Groups: can always find hundreds of suggestions in facebook travel groups about tons of destinations or post and ask away!

4.Google Maps: This is great for seeing where there are hotels or accommodation near a specific venue or area you need to be close to. Just google “hotels in NYC” to have tons of options pop up. these are usually peoples rentals homes, so you can guarantee a more private accommodations. This is my favorite site to use for privacy or traveling with big groups. Third party website that is AWESOME for reading reviews, checking out the location on a map. Although you pay a small fee to book through the website, it’s simple and easy to use.

Or check out any of these places I have stayed at if you’re headed there too!


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