I hadn’t planned on visiting Tokyo when I was in Seoul, but it was so close, so on Friday I booked a flight and on Sunday Night I arrived. (thank you to FLIGHTNETWORK.COM, I was able to get a cheapish flight, still expensive because it was so last minute, but $100 cheaper than on the actual airline website.

I used HOSTELBOOKERS.com to find a hostel near the sumo wrestling arena, this was why I chose Tokyo for my short two day trip, over Osaka/Kyoto, although I wish I could’ve seen it all!

My hostel, Anne Hostel in Yokozuna, was AMAZING. It was so cheap, clean and private and I made a ton of friends from all over the world. Hands down my favorite part of traveling! My last night I sat around a table in the common area until 2:30am (had to be up at 6am for my flight, seriously never again, I mean it this time, no more early flights) eating Japanese candy with new friends from South Carolina, the UK, France, Rotterdam and Australia.

It was about a 20-30 minutes on a train from a lot of things. The trains are a little confusing in Japan, so I would recommend doing a little more research on where the things are you want to see, because Taxis are SO expensive and I was told to avoid them. If you can’t seem to find where you’re going on the train, the guards at each station are super helpful.

I booked Robot Restaurant and my Sumo Wrestling Tour through JAPANICAN.COM– which I HIGHLY recommend. They have tons of tours at really great prices! I was also super glad I booked a tour when I saw the sumo wrestling (was honestly a fluke, when I googled sumo wrestling tickets and had no idea where to buy them) because the tour guide was super knowledgable about the sport and she guided me through it, as I was watching. This was great because I was unfamiliar with everything sumo. My ticket was a little pricey, but you always have the option of waiting in line at 6am at the arena for cheap tickets the day you want to go or networking at your hostel.

My friend who I met at the Hostel (Joe from the UK, HI Joe!) took me to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building, located in Shinjuku, to see an amazing skyline view of Tokyo and Mt. Fuji at sunset. It was amazing and free! We opted out of doing the Sky Tree which was a bit expensive.

The first day was rainy, snowy and cold and so I checked out the EDO Tokyo Museum. “EDO” was the former name for Tokyo. There was so much of Japans history and I learned that Japanese were incredibly stylish, what they wore in the 1940s is whats popular again now: Playsuits, Rompers and Kimonos!

I also took home so many different flavors of Kit Kats! Green Tea, Strawberry Cheesecake and Purple Sweet Potato. I wish I had grabbed those strawberry ones, but I had only packed a backpack for two days and that was not enough room!

I flew Japan airlines from Seoul to Tokyo.



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