About Me

“Since life is SHORT and the world is WIDE, the sooner you start exploring, the better.” – Simon Raven

I ripped this quote out of an airplane magazine when I was ten and kept it ever since.

In 2012, I moved to another country for the first time. 9,000 miles away from everything I had ever known for 22 years and I haven’t looked back since!

“The Foreign Local” is really a play on words because you can’t be both however most of the time I visit somewhere I meet amazing locals who immerse me in their culture as if I have lived there my entire life, even though I am quite obviously a foreigner, and that is my favorite way to see a country! My boyfriend calls me an “Imported Local” whenever I joke about being a tourist. Traveling like this allows you to really get a feel for what life is like somewhere, the best little hidden secrets, and of course you get to try all the amazing FOOD! Who doesn’t like to eat?!

Follow along with me as I share them with you!

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